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Chroma Donuts


· Branding and Identity
· Packaging Design

· Social Media 

· Print Design
· Illustration


Chroma Donuts



Chroma Donuts is a Donut Bakery with the mission of bringing color to the simple moments in your day. 

Tasked with creating a visual identity and brand system that reflects the bakery's bold, cheerful, and welcoming personality, we utilized a bold typeface, punctuated by a contrasting "O" in the word "donuts".


This unique "O" not only breaks the boldness of the typeface, but it also serves as the simplest representation of the brand when used alone. Through the use of simple donut illustrations and a brand pattern, we expanded the "O" to create a visually engaging and cohesive brand experience.

In addition to the vibrant visual identity, we created a suite of marketing materials, including social media templates and eye-catching packaging, to fully immerse customers in the Chroma Donuts experience.