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Dessert Bar


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Dessert Bar



Moüsse Dessert Bar is an innovative dessert brand dedicated to crafting delectable and visually stunning desserts. 

Drawing inspiration from the light, airy texture of mousse, the brand's name embodies the delightful experience it offers to dessert lovers. We developed a Visual Identity and Brand System that captures the essence of Mousse Dessert Bar's contemporary and playful personality.

The logo showcases a sleek serif typeface, conveying a sense of modern elegance while maintaining a friendly and approachable vibe. The use of grids and simple shapes in the design reflects the brand's commitment to precision and artistry in its dessert creations. A contemporary color palette was employed to emphasize the brand's fresh and vibrant character, with each hue thoughtfully selected to represent the diverse flavors and textures found in Mousse Dessert Bar's offerings.